Artiste Peintre - Anne Schnider

Born in Grenoble in 1947
Classic studies in France (literature and philosophy)
Came to live in Switzerland in 1968 and settled on the banks of the Lake of Geneva Attended various courses in Academic drawing, watercolour and painting on wood
Learnt acrylic painting in the art school of J .Walther in Lausanne for 4 years.
Has taken part regularly in various exhibitions in the district of the Lake of Geneva and in France since 1992

Will paint on any material but has a preference for Composite matters or for paper pasted on “musée” cardboard
She will use different techniques (pastel, collage, acrylic and gold leaves). On her chosen support she will lay successively transparent colours either thin or thick according to what she wants to bring forth.

Anne Schnider’s paintings invites us to go through the looking glass of appearances. There is something else to be seen beyond what you see at first sight. Paintings of the dreams and of the imaginary, Anne Schnider’s work moves freely on the subtle borders of inner world and outer world in between the two worlds of Earth and Water
(after Mireille Schnorf , La Presse )